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Refrigerator Maintenance

As the weather warms outside the ambient temperature around the refrigerator also rises. This increase in temperature will require for the refrigerator to work a little more to keep the refrigerator cooling properly. Did you know there are several things you can do to help the refrigerator cool properly? Let’s take a look at what those things are.

1. Cleaning the condenser coil once a year. This is a very important and requires minimal time to complete.
a. Refer to your owner’s manual to you locate where the condenser coil is located for your refrigerator. In most cases it is underneath the refrigerator behind the front grill. You may also, need to pull the refrigerator away from the wall and remove the back panel to expose the condenser coil in the back of the refrigerator.
b. Unplug the refrigerator and remove the front bottom grill or the rear lower panel on the back of the refrigerator.
c. Vacuum the coils free of dirt and debris being careful not to damage the condenser coils.
d. Brush the coils free of stuck on dirt, dust, and pet hair with a refrigerator coil brush like the GE coil brush (Part number PM14X51).
e. Re-install the front grill or back panel and plug the unit back in. Be careful when pushing the refrigerator back into place not to damage the electrical cord or water supply line.

2. Make sure to leave enough air clearance for the refrigerator to ventilate properly. This is usually a 1” clearance on all sides of the refrigerator.

3. Check the refrigerator door gasket for proper sealing. The door gasket can be an expensive repair but can easily be avoided. Clean the gasket with warm water and a sponge. Do not use detergents for this may damage the door gasket. Keeping a well maintained door gasket will help reduce air leaks into the refrigerator.

4. We will find most refrigerators located in a climate controlled environment but we do find the occasional refrigerator located in the garage or back patio. Keep in mind these are not a controlled environment and may require the refrigerator to work longer to help maintain the set temperatures inside the unit. Re-locating these refrigerators into the house during the summer months will help reduce the amount of run time resulting in less energy use.

This maintenance may seem like a lot but can easily be accomplished with in an hour. And if you are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures in the refrigerator and the above maintenance has been performed call Independent Appliance Repair at 480-539-9500 for further assistance.

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