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Help! My dryer is taking too long!

There are a few reasons why a dryer will take too long to dry. The toughest part is figuring out what part of the dryer is the problem. Here are some of the common reasons why you may be experiencing issues with your dryer

1. Lint Filter
A lint filter that is full of lint will restrict air flow and lengthen dryer times. To keep your dryer working make sure you change your lint trap after each use. Check the lint filter for any buildup of fabric softener that will restrict airflow. If lint filter has fabric softener buildup, clean with soapy water. If the filter is damaged, replace it.
2. Blower Wheel
If your dryer is making a rumbling noise, check your blower wheel. A blower wheel that is not firmly attached to the drive motor can slip and cause reduce airflow to the point where the high-limit thermostat may trip and turn off the heating circuit. Inspect the blower wheel to make sure that it is firmly placed on the motor shaft.
3. Door Seal
The door seal helps to keep cooler air from entering the dryer. If clothes are not drying, check your door seal for signs of damage.
4. Felt Drum Seal
If your dryer is making a scraping or thumping noise, and your clothes have black marks on them, check the drum seal. Drum seals are used to prevent excess air from entering the dryer drum and act as a cushion between the drum and the front and rear bulkheads. The seal is made up of felt like material. Inspect the seal for any tears. If there are any tears in the seal, clothing can become stuck in the gap while the drum is turning.
5. Heating Element
If your heating element is partially or completely burned out, this will prolong your dryer time. Open up the dryer’s cabinet, and locate the heating element, once you find the heating element test the element. If it is no longer functioning like it should, you will need to replace it.

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