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Help! My dishwasher isn’t cleaning my dishes.

A dishwasher that is not cleaning properly can be very stressful but trust me you are not alone this is a common problem. Here are a few solutions you should try if your dishwasher is no longer cleaning.

Clean Your Spray Arms

Clogged spray arms are sometimes the #1 problem when your dishes aren’t getting as clean they use to. Remove the spray arms and clean out the holes. Steel wire, a wire hanger, or another small and pointy tool works great to remove the debris found in the spray arms. If you want an extra clean; soak the spray arms in white vinegar. White vinegar will naturally break down old dishwasher soap and remove any buildup.

Clean Your Filter

The mat like think at the bottom of your dishwasher is called the coarse filter. The coarse filter is responsible for catching all large debris, so they don’t clog your drain. Take your hand or a damp cloth and remove all debris found on the coarse filter. (If your dishwasher has a closed filter, you should unscrew the filter and remove the debris located inside.) Remove the cover to the reservoir where the water drains and reach down to remove any food or other gunk that was left behind. At the bottom of your dishwasher you will also find a circular filter; this is your fine filter, make sure you clean that too. If your coarse filter will allow you to lift it up, check to ensure there is no build-up. If there is build up under your coarse filter, mix white vinegar and baking soda to make a paste and allow this mixture to sit for 15-20 minutes. Your baking soda and vinegar paste will help remove the excessive build up found under your dishwasher. Remember any particles left behind can be sprayed back into your cups or bowls.

Clean the Door Seals

Use a sponge or a toothbrush to remove and gunk found in the door seal. When you are cleaning the door seal make sure, you pay attention to the area where the door meets the dishwasher tub.

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